Tiny Thief Review

Developed by 5 Ants, and published by Rovio, this a classic point-and-click puzzle game. There isn’t much of story involved in this game; you are a burglar with a Robin Hood finesse, and it’s beautiful medieval adventure featuring stealth based puzzles.

If you’re a fan of puzzle games and want a new and different game with fresh controls, then Tiny Thief is for you. The game starts out very easy, and guides you into the story and play environment with the level starting out with one or two puzzles to solve. The games difficulty picks up with each level advance, but is approachable by both the casual and hardcore gamer.

The game does a great job at pacing, but the game isn’t very long and leaves you wanting more challenging levels. It’s pretty quick game probably around 2 hours of play and has some replay value. Besides these two set backs, its a creative games with intuitive controls and is a fresh genre on the App Store.

One of my favorite parts of the game is that it reminds me of Zack and Wiki for the Wii, a very original title that utilized the Wii remote and was incredibly challenging towards the end of the game. Overall if you’re a fan of Zack & Wiki, or love puzzle solving games, then check out Tiny Thief, which just dropped to a $1 today.

It’s only a $1 now, and I highly recommend this game, to anyone who is a puzzle game fan. It’s a available on the App Store or Google Play Store.

iPhone & iPad

Tiny Thief Review

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