GBA Emulator For iOS (Without Jailbreak)

This is the first emulator for the iPhone that doesn’t require a jailbreak, and was released a few weeks ago and uses an exploit in the MacBuildServer’s Enterprise certificate. However Apple became aware of the issue and corrected the exploit, but there is a work around the correction and you can still install it. I was waiting to post this because Riley Testut and others are busy working on version 2 which will be a more stable version and able to download directly from the browser. In the meantime I’d like to post a tutorial on how to install the GBA emulator today.


  1. The first thing you have to do is go into setting on your iOS device and change the date to before, July 16th, 2013.
  2. After that you can head over to CoolRom Emulators on your iOS device in Safari and select the GBA4iOS then click download.
  3. That’s it, the emulator should start installing and you will have a fully functional GBA on your iPhone.
  4. Now you just have to download Roms on your iOS Device at, and you can choose from a variety of Roms and then select “Open In” GBA4iOS and then it’ll begin to download.
  5. You can now download as many Roms as you’d like, check out a top 25 list GBA Roms here.

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