Day 2 Yangmingshan Park

This is an old post, but I wanted to post it anyway to show a little more of my trip to Taiwan with my brother Anthony.

We got up around 8, used the wifi in a lobby for a bit and then got breakfast at this little cafe. Which came to a total of about $2 it was great, and the food was delicious. 4282_iPhone_07112013It looks like we may have missed the bus and are trying to figure it out now, hopefully the next one comes at 11 it’s 10:20 now. The bus system is almost always confusion in any country…

We made it! We got on the right bus. I had no idea how huge this park was, another day of hiking so many places to choose from here. Another crazy hike, wow that was long hike so sweaty. It’s about 90 degrees but we made it to the highest peak in Taipei, Mt. Cising. 1120M. Literally in the clouds.

I will be posted a video of our trip soon. It’s a bit late but I think it’s gonna be really cool!

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