Nickessity of the Week – Jawbone Up

Wearables are one the big buzz words of 2014 and so far no one has nailed it and stolen the market. I’ve become quite interested in wearables and I don’t believe there is a best one on the market right now that tracks both fitness and acts as a notification center and extension of the phone. I was a Kickstarter backer of the Pebble and have also had the Nike Fuelband, but I think the best fitness tracker currently is the Jawbone Up.

As always I have purchased this item myself, and there are a few reason why I believe it is the best. First and foremost the Jawbone is powered by Motion X and is one of the most accurate motion sensors. Secondly, the Up app is awesome and is constantly improving, it makes it easy to track your sleep, steps, food, and more.

My only complaint is that I’ve had to replace my Up band twice now. That being said, Jawbone is great about their costumer service. It was hassle free to replace the band and I received a new one in the mail in less than a week.

Overall, I would highly recommend this fitness tracker to anyone who wants to start tracking their sleep, sport activities, food, and more. If anything else, the band will make you more conscious about your activity level and you can even compete with your friends that have one as well.

You can purchase a 1st Generation Jawbone Up band at Amazon at a discounted price of $62 (as of date posted) or if you’d like to upgrade to the 2nd generation Up24, with the only difference being bluetooth connectivity, you can do so here too $80 (as of date posted).

*Pending Release of the Jawbone UP 3


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