It has been over two years since I’ve been in a place where I don’t speak the language. I love the rush of the unknown but I also forget how disorienting it is and if you get lost it’s best to just ask for help. Also it’s good to know 10 or so helpful phrases. I neglected to do that this time and now I’m paying for it. Although I do know bier and wasser, we’ll see if that becomes helpful.
There is so much history in Berlin. I think it’s better if you can to enjoy one historic site at a time and just take in the significance of it all. I’m currently on a double decker bus and I feel like I’m on the Harry Potter night bus. Double decker busses are weird.
Day 4
I finally got to explore Berlin! After a helpful tip from a local I went out with the other night, I was able to go out to Horshke Market. It was a great spot! I spent a couple hours there and was able to get some great souvenirsAfter that, I decided to walk back rather than take the bus. This was a great choice as I was able to explore the Berlin Dome. The architecture was incredible and I can’t fathom how long it took to build.
I was also able to view the east side gallery Berlin Wall. Both of these landmarks were effected by the war, and I can’t imagine how that felt. This beautiful church was caught in the calamity of war, and the whole dome was blown off. I’m so glad it was rebuilt to its previous glory, but it’s also incredibly sad that this along with so many other parts of Berlin were destroyed.
I had a great time in Berlin and would love to go back there because of its rich history.

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I plan on doing a top 5 of Berlin next week, so stay tuned!

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  1. Karen Hayward · March 15, 2016

    Love this blogging you did again – great description of sights and feelings too!

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