About Me

My name is Nick Hayward  (ニック ヘイワード) and I live in Seattle, Washington and currently a student at Washington State University.

I have always had an interest in Japanese Culture, and it first started when I begun watching anime, which was definitely the catalyst to where my interest in Japan begun. I begun studying Japanese in College at Montana State University and have continued to do so since transferring to Bellevue College, and now where I currently go Washington State University. Besides my interest in Japanese, I also enjoy playing soccer and photography. I also have always been a fan of Nintendo and enjoy playing Video Games here and there. I enjoy working on my computer and am definitely a loyal Apple Fan.



One comment

  1. tonyburkinshaw · March 8, 2013

    Hi there,
    many thanks for the follow on posts of hypnotic suggestion. It means a lot.
    Have a great 2013
    All the best

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