Dumb and Dumber To

Can’t believe this is happening, can’t wait! Mark the calendar! November 14th.


Mii Fighter for Smash Bros!

There will be 3 mii fighters for Smash Bros U, Gunner, Fighter, and Swordsman. With over 36 move set options, there are endless options for your customizable move set. Stay tuned here for more Nintendo E3 announcements!

Mario Kart 8!

Mario Kart 8 launches tomorrow and will hopefully sell some Wii U consoles and I know Nintendo is hoping for that. I got an exclusive look at some of the packaging for the game and the limited edition stuff that comes with it. Check out the picture below!




Battle Heart Legacy Out World Wide!

Battleheart Legacy is out now, it’s the sequel to the original iOS game Battleheart. Mika Mobile always produces high quality games and this looks like its sure to be another, you can download it here on the iOS store for $5. I will post a review once I finish the game, or have thoroughly played through it.

HealthBook iOS App Demo

Apple will most likely be showing off their new health book book app at WWDC this year, starting June 2nd. In the mean time Jayaprasad has developed a web demo of that app that can be viewed on your iPhone or on the web here. It’s still unknown what the final version will look like but this is just based on what’s been leaked. I’m personally really excited about the new health book app and how it’ll interact with the iWatch.



Googolplex is a simple proxy hack to the iPhone, that allows you to run request through the googolplex server versus apple ones. Check out the video below, and try it yourself here.

They have also made it so you can write your own commands in Javascript once you have created an account.

Smash Bros Nintendo Direct

Nintendo is having a Nintendo Direct dedicated to Super Smash Bros in less than 3 hours. There are expected to announce the remaining veteran fighters, as well as one or two new fighters, and hopefully a release date. However, it was tweeted earlier by a reputable source that there will be no released date announcement today.

Watch the Nintendo Direct here and check back here for a round up of the announcements.