HealthBook iOS App Demo

Apple will most likely be showing off their new health book book app at WWDC this year, starting June 2nd. In the mean time Jayaprasad has developed a web demo of that app that can be viewed on your iPhone or on the web here. It’s still unknown what the final version will look like but this is just based on what’s been leaked. I’m personally really excited about the new health book app and how it’ll interact with the iWatch.



Googolplex is a simple proxy hack to the iPhone, that allows you to run request through the googolplex server versus apple ones. Check out the video below, and try it yourself here.

They have also made it so you can write your own commands in Javascript once you have created an account.

iOS 7 Jailbreak and OpenEmu

If you missed it earlier this week, there is finally a iOS 7 Jailbreak that was released by evasion, and you can download it for FREE. If you haven’t ever jailbroken your iPhone or iOS device, stay tuned for a tutorial on jailbreaking all iOS 7 devices. A new exclusive OS X emulator was released today called OpenEmu, which is a all in one emulator built from the ground up for OS X. I’ve gotten a chance to play around with it a bit, and it’s very neat, clean, and stores all your rome and emulators all in one place. My only complaint is that it doesn’t directly support N64 yet, however I’m sure they will add it soon. This is also available for FREE to download.