Pebble Smartwatch App Version 1.3 is Out

Pebble held an event last week announcing that they are updating their App to iOS, along with the Pebble to support Bluetooth LE as well as iOS 7 notification system.

“Version 1.3.0 of the Pebble Smartwatch app supports Apple’s iOS 7 notification system for the iPhone 4s and higher, allowing all Notification Center alerts to be displayed on the watch face. Previously, notification alerts were limited to calls and text messages, but now the Pebble Smart Watch is able to display notifications from apps like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Calendar, Instagram, and more.”

You can download it here.

Pebble Coming to Best Buy

Pebble the popular E-Ink Smart watch that started on Kickstarted, will be available at Best Buy stores on July 7 in “jet black”. It will also be available through Best Buy’s website for $149.99, the same price featured on the Pebble website. It’ll then be followed by  a red version release this August.